Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Manage Bluemix Apps in your own Code using CloudFoundry APIs – Part 1

Bluemix provides a wonderful platform for rapidly developing innovative apps. The following series will guide how you can manage Bluemix applications from your own code.

This capability can be relevant to many UseCases like:

  • Auto-Schedule Start/Stop of Applications in Bluemix Dev Space based on team’s worktime.
  • Integrate Bluemix Application Deployment process with Organization’s Business Process.
  • Create Custom Dashboard displaying All Apps, Services, Billing Details, Usage
  • Setup Custom Notifications based on Bluemix account Usage details.

The Application provided is developed using NodeJS, Bootstrap V3 UI, CloudFoundry APIs, Cloudant Database, Bluemix SSO, Workload Scheduler service.

Following is the screenshot of Application and deployed at following URL:


In next parts of the series, I’ll cover how to develop such capability.